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Salt lake drilling requires specialized equipment and expert knowledge... the cleanup can be just as much of a challenge.

Our inherently low-ground-pressure tracked Bobcats have the flotation to work on all but the softest of surfaces, and the power and traction to tow sleds for bulk rubbish removal.

Of course, there are limitations when working in such extreme environments. Every job requires a different approach and we always start with a risk assessment. These jobs require expertise and the right equipment.

dam construction and dewatering services

Water supply on a mine site is critical and we are often asked to carry out water-related project work under strict time and budget restrictions.

Whether excavating into the ground or building walls up, we have experience with the requirements of preparing earth walls for HDPE lining.


We offer a complete service to manage a project from green field to pumping water. Through associated suppliers we offer dewatering, poly welding and pumping solutions for any situation.


Drill pad clearing and rehab

Reduce costs associated with exploration drilling by minimising disturbance created by groundworks.


When we clear pads and excavate sumps we plan to return for the rehab in 6-12 months, so we make it as easy as possible for ourselves. That means clearing only enough space for the rigs and support equipment, keeping our work neat, and minimising the volume of dirt we have to shift.


We are fully equipped for safe remote work and have the experience to work unsupervised and deliver a quality job every time.


We don't carry metal detectors with us.

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Areas We Cover

Based in Kalgoorlie Western Australia, we specialise in remote area work anywhere in the WA Goldfields as far east as the South Australian border.



Remote area ready!

We love the WA outback and our work takes us to some amazing places.


When we go there we go prepared - modern highly maintained vehicles, remote communications systems, contingency plans and policies... and a swag.

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